Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Effectively curb bacterial and virus infections with the UK's first pedal-operated sanitiser stand

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As more businesses progressively reopen their doors since the Prime Minister's announcement last week, public safety has become top priority. Facilities Managers and Health & Safety officers have been hard at task to ensure that both staff and customers are protected from the spread of Coronavirus. The Igieniko® touch free sanitiser dispenser has proven an ideal solution for many businesses - small and large alike - in helping curb Coronavirus contamination by 100%. Its pedal operation offers businesses the much-needed reassurance in making their establishments 'COVID-Secure'.

Simple to use, the Igieniko sanitiser stand is operated by placing your hands under the dispenser, pressing your foot down on the pedal to release a spout of sanitiser gel enough for a thorough hand hygiene.

When it was launched, the sanitiser station had the honour of being the very first dispenser in the UK to be pedal operated. The sleek-looking dispenser unit is suitable for many sectors including healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail. Its touch free operability means it effectively protects users and thus reduces contamination to zero.

Ensure you are doing the most for your staff and customers safety within your commercial office, your leisure establishment, your restaurant or in your retail store with Igieniko's touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser!

Jesse Palle is the CEO of Chemtra Limited which distributes the unique Igieniko sanitiser dispenser stand. To know more about Igieniko and to order yours call 01344 209 566.

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