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Practical benefits hand sanitiser dispenser stands offer as Covid-19 lingers, and 4 points to consider when choosing one to buy.

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Last week top WHO detectives warned against more lifting of lockdowns. In Britain, the government sent a signal in that direction by entering its first weekend under new tightened restrictions following a 63 per cent rise in Coronavirus infections in two weeks. An alarming status indeed. But we aren't going to let this virus destroy us, are we? Fighting this imperceptible enemy requires practical solutions to help protect lives and our economies. Sanitiser stands prove viable weapons to help achieve that goal. Here's a short list of benefits they offer, and four points to consider when choosing one for your business.

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They offer portability and versatility - Germs' worst enemy

'The Omnipresent Killer' would probably make a good blockbuster title in these Covid-19 times. But may your mind not fool you for a second that the main character in such a movie would be germs. What if it was … sanitiser stands? While it's only an imagination birthed from a strolling mind, it could be brought closer to reality. With portability and versatility, sanitiser dispenser stands can quickly be deployed at multiple spots within any business. Their presence promotes regular hygiene, helping reduce cross-contamination to a minimum. With that, tell me that germs like the idea of an Omnipresent killer and I won't believe you. It's their worst enemy!

They reassure customer and help keeps the High Street and broader businesses afloat

How many times have you come face-to-face with a sanitiser bottle or two atop a desk or atop a small stool staring at you to sanitise at a business entrance? I bet many. And because germs, bacteria and viruses are invisible, shared sanitiser bottles are a good deterrent to those much aware employees, visitors, and customers alike. They raise the questions of efficacy and practicality of hand hygiene through 'touch-before-clean'. The 'clean' part isn't worrying, but the 'touch' part is scary. Investing in a good sanitiser dispenser stand helps convey the message that you care and that you mean business. It's reassuring, it keeps employees, visitors, and customers safe, and it helps sustain or even increase footfall in any retail business.

They encourage regular hygiene

Everyone would agree that the likelihood someone would stop and sanitise when they saw a good sanitiser stand is high. It's just common sense. It encourages regular hygiene and contributes to both achieving and reinforcing a 'COVID-Secure' status. It's a win!

They are affordable

With the average price of a good quality sanitiser stand between £250 and £350, a misconception is that they are expensive. They are not. Whichever way you dissect pricing in that range, it will come down to less than £1 a day! Surely the cost of employee sick leave (potentially due to infection) is incomparable, and the cost of shutting down a business for failing to ensure a 'COVID-Secure status is undoubtedly immeasurable. Should I say more?

Having written this, what should you considered when choosing a sanitiser dispenser stand?


1. Safety First - We are fighting an invisible enemy, a touch-free sanitiser dispenser stand is always a better choice. No contact, no cold shivers down the spine! Just a quick, simple, and safe hand hygiene operation.

2. Practicality - Opt for less maintenance over time. A pedal-operated model definitely fits the purpose better. Consider a large gel tank capacity. It's not only good value, it means less time refilling and less plastic bottles into the environment. Also don't forget to ensure that whatever unit you decide to buy is built to operate with a variety of gel viscosities. Give yourself that much needed freedom to change gel suppliers without fuss.

3. Customer centricity - Make sure you pick a dispenser stand that is designed with the customer in mind, one that can be used by both tall and not-so-tall, and one which will make people want to use it or it may end up being snubbed. What's the point?

4. Make it fit in - Remember, Covid-19 is still here for a while. So once you have considered safety, practicality, and customer centricity, think about how well the unit you choose blends in with the rest of your furniture. After all you want it to appeal and not to deter, don't you? And oh, can you brand it to your business' colours? Then that's just an added win. Go for it!

Jesse Palle is the CEO of Chemtra Limited which distributes the unique Igieniko sanitiser dispenser stand. To know more about Igieniko and to order yours call 01344 209 566.

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